Editing Services

Hi! I'm Melissa Meibos. I provide freelance editing services for novels, short stories, bios, articles, and more. I'm also an in-house editor for Immortal Works.My goal is to provide fast, professional results for a price you can afford. Contact me for schedule availability.

Other Writerly Services

Logo Design

Having a fantastic logo is what sets you apart from the rest. Clean, simple, yet memorable logos that won’t break the bank. Digital file only.

Business Card Design

Use a logo I design or provide your own. Bookmarks and other printable handout designs available as well. Digital file only.

Social Media Marketing Plans


Easy-to-follow social media posting schedules customized to your needs and abilities along with custom graphics using your logo or one I create.


Upcoming Releases

Con Code by Aften Brook Szymanski
Coming May 28, 2019

Red Prince by Jared Garrett
Coming May 31, 2019
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