The Editing Thing – Red Prince

I finished editing Red Prince by Jared Garrett last week. The story thrilled and intrigued and sucked me in. It was a wonderful sequel to both Lakhoni and Usurper in the Guide and the Sword trilogy. It made me all sorts of happy.

I’ll admit, I’m pretty invested in this story. After I read Lakhoni the first time, I helped him sell a few copies at different events because I loved it that much. Then I bugged him for book two – Usurper. He was a sweetheart and let me beta read it as soon as he was done (this was before I started editing professionally). Once again, I loved it. The story’s world, the characters, the hint of magic, everything.

When Jared mentioned he had started book three and was struggling to get it done, I couldn’t help myself. I went all drill sergeant on him, hounding him on a weekly basis to “encourage” him to finish.

Out of loving support, of course. Not because I needed to read it.

Not at all.

By this time, I had started charging for my services. Knowing Jared wanted to self-publish and had limited funds, I did my best not to pressure him to hire me as his editor. I truly want what’s best for my friends, even if that means missing out on potential business.

Can I tell you just how thrilled I was when he asked me to edit Red Prince? Don’t tell Jared, but I may have squealed and clapped my hands with joy. I nearly giggled out loud when the manuscript showed up in my inbox. And I had to hold back tears as I completed the edit so I could see the darn computer screen.

It’s good, my friends. So very good. Definitely worth the wait.

And, lucky for you, it’s available for preorder on Amazon! It’ll be released on May 31, 2019. I highly recommend reading Lakhoni and Usurper first because Red Prince ties up a lot of loose ends. It’s a series I’ll treasure forever. Especially once I have a signed copy of Red Prince in my library.

Please go check it out. Read it. Fall in love.

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