Tweaking the Dream…

You may have noticed a bit of a change in my website. Or, rather, the removal of certain services. It was a tough decision, but with editing and conferences and editing and health issues and editing and family and editing and schooling and even more editing…

Something had to give.

I may choose to offer marketing and design services in the future when things calm down. I truly love doing it and, if I say so myself, I’m quite good at it. But, for now, I’m redirecting my focus to fit my priorities.

Does this mean I’m a failure?


You only fail when you don’t try. And I definitely gave it a try. I’m happy with what I learned and accomplished. I don’t regret stretching beyond my comfort zone and attempting something new.

My absolute favorite bracelet. Given to me by a dear, sweet friend who believed in me.

I’ve had to give up other commitments before. Some were easy to give up, others not so much. Each time, I’ve learned and grown from the experience. Each one contributed to who I am and I love who I am and whom I’m becoming. I still believe in myself and what I can do. That will never change.

So today, I’m going to take a deep breath, appreciate where my life is and where it’s going, and get back to work.

This girl has some editing to do, gosh darn it!

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  1. Sharee

    Melissa, you’re my hero!

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