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Novels, short stories, author bios, articles, queries, blog posts, and more. Fast, professional results for a price you can afford.

Full-length edits take as little as 2-3 weeks. Shorter edits take anywhere from 1-4 days, depending on my schedule. Please send your best work. Rough drafts, edits containing excessive grammatical or spelling errors, or content exceeding a mild PG-13 rating (no erotica, excessive gore, or violence) will be immediately returned for further revision and will be placed at the end of my editing queue.

Contracting me for an edit means you acknowledge that my editing services are not a guarantee that your story will be accepted by an agent or publisher. 

Contact me for scheduling availability.

Currently editing

Raven Born
(IW) Granted - first round

*Purple progress bar indicates active edit*

*IW = edit for Immortal Works*


$15.00 + $0.01/word

Pricing includes a preread and one round of content/line editing

(I don’t separate the two very easily, so you get a two-for-one. Yay for you!)


A second round of editing on the same manuscript may be added for $0.005/word.


Note: Edits for Immortal Works do include multiple rounds of editing. See the Immortal Works website for submission guidelines.

Past Edits


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